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This website is not for medical emergencies. If this is a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 now.
If you have a family doctor, please call them before visiting a walk-in clinic as they are most familiar with your medical history.
Wait times are estimates only and can change rapidly

How it Works

walkin clinic wait times

Walk-in clinics update Medimap with their estimated wait time.

find nearby clinics

Patients search for walk-in clinics by city or by clicking "use my location" to find the nearest clinics.

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Walk-in clinics are displayed in order of wait time, so patients can get the most immediate access to care.

For Patients

Medimap connects you with a doctor faster. We understand how frustrating it can be to travel to a walk-in clinic only to find that they are no longer accepting patients for the day. Calling various clinics in the area is a waste of time for both you and the clinic staff. Medimap solves these problems by making it easy to find:

  • Current estimated wait times at nearby walk-in clinics.
  • Up-to-date clinic operating hours.
  • Whether the clinic is still accepting patients for the day.

Clinic staff manages all of this information. Wait times are updated frequently, but they are estimates only and can change rapidly.

If there is a clinic in your area that is not currently updating their wait time on Medimap, CONTACT US and we will do our best to bring them on board.

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For Clinics

Medimap helps clinics:

  • Improve the patient experience by setting their expectations in advance.
  • Free up staff time by reducing the number of calls about wait times.
  • Defer patient visits when the clinic is too busy and attract patients when there are doctors available.
  • Identify wait time trends for staffing efficiency.

Best of all, it's free! Register your clinic to get started today.

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About Us

At Medimap we are passionate about health care innovation. We are a Vancouver-based company that is taking a unique approach to creating a more efficient primary care system. Through the use of technology and by partnering with like-minded health care providers, we are making clinic wait times easily accessible for patients. Our mission is to improve access to care for Canadians and contribute towards an overall better patient experience.

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